Photo’s of Pastor John and Family

The Door to Dog the Bounty Hunter

Christmas Tree Gathering

The Beach Oct. 2008

Our Beautiful Daughter



7 thoughts on “Photo’s of Pastor John and Family

  1. jc burgess

    welcome john & family to union the church at chelsea pk. looking foward to seeing yall in june. God bless jc burgess lay leader. cell, 205-602-9738 home 205-678-0822

  2. Thank you so much and we too are so excited about this new adventure. We’re looking forward to the incredible things which God is doing and is going to do. It’s going to be a joy to share this journey with all the people at Union The church at Chelsea Park.

  3. Lachelle Wheeler

    Im looking forward to see yall here at Union. Welcome to the family!! I assist our youth director and can wait to meet you and your family!! Need anything just call 205-919-8264
    Lachelle Wheeler

    • Thanks Lachelle, we are very excited about joining you in ministry. I hear really good things regarding the youth group at Union.

  4. Susan Todd

    Hey John and family!!!! I think you will all find Union a great place to be. Jonathan and I and the boys have enjoyed it immensely. The schools are great and the people are very loving. They are looking forward to you all coming in June..we hate to be leaving but must follow God on our journey here….Susan Todd 205-678-6727/205-427-4601

  5. Charley Fulton

    I am keeping up with you on your blog and noticed that ya’ll are back at the hospital today. I know that you are one busy man but please if you can let us know how Jill and the twins are doing. I am using this media because the email is someone else. My contact info was sent to this person earlier this week I guess he is wondering who I am. You can email me when you get a chance at or cell 205.541.3224. God Bless ya’ll, we are praying for all of the Hill’s.

    Charley Fulton – Union the Church at Chelsea Park – PPR

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