Question about Homosexuality

I received this question from a friend of mine and I wanted to post my answer:  The Bishop he is referring to is the statement from the Bishop of the Kentucky Conference.

“Not looking for an argument, but what were Jesus’ thoughts on the matter (not what is says in Leviticus/Deuteronomy, not what Paul says, but Jesus himself)? I respect you, john, but would like some red-lettered perspective from anyone, including you if you’d like, to support this Bishop’s statement.”

My Answer:  Good question. While he does not address homosexuality, neither does he address honoring your father and mother (one of the big 10). He does say that I have not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. That is in red. He did call adultery a sin in union with what is said in the OT ( Exodus 20:14 and Proverbs 5:18-23). He called out the woman caught in adultery and said go and sin no more. Homosexuality is called a sin in both the Old and the New Testaments and so I believe the best course to take is that one Jesus took with the woman. In essence, I love you and do not condemn you…now go and sin no more. The reality of this debate comes down to a simple question…Is homosexuality a sin. Our Book of Faith (the Bible) is very clear on this. We may not like it but it is a sin and I can’t/won’t change my view on that. It does not become a non-sin just because the Supreme Court decision. It’s still a sin, just like murder, adultery, not honoring your father and mother. And I believe sin is anything that creates distance between humanity and the Father. We must take inventory in our own lives to determine the sin in our lives that is keeping us from the Father. If my sin is adultery, my saying it’s not a sin but a lifestyle or by saying “this is the way God created me” is nothing but a lie of Satan (whose goal is to keep distance between us and the Father). Please understand *****, this is much more than a decision by the Court. This is spiritual. It’s spiritual warfare over the relationship between humanity and God. Satan is the great liar and getting the world to buy into the myth that sin is not a sin is a pretty good accomplishment.

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